Exploring Travel

In the “Where’s the Lemonade” podcast, the topic of travel is an exhilarating journey, likened to exploring different flavors in a global buffet. Darren & Paige share lively stories and quirky travel mishaps, turning the challenges of navigating new destinations into a delightful escapade. Listeners are invited to savor the joy of discovery, making travel tales on the podcast a whimsical blend of wanderlust and laughter.


602 - Plane Etiquette
As Paige was searching for a current event to talk about this week, she kept seeing in the news and on social media the debate about plane etiquette. Even Paige and Darren disagree on some plane etiquette. Let’s delve into what the “rules” are for flying.

501 - #5.1 What happened in 2022
On this episode, Darren and Paige recap the crazy year of 2022 with major surgery, COVID, three college graduations, two weddings, and constantly changing travel schedules.

415 - #4.15 What Not To Do When you Travel
Darren & Paige are in Portugal for a week away from work and kids, but not podcasting. In this week's episode. Find out what they learned not to do when they travel. Some of it from personal experience. Some of it by watching other tourists standing out. :)

414 - #4.14 Travel Tips from Portugal
This week Darren & Paige are in Portugal. Why Portugal? You have to listen to find out. They talk about some of the travel tips they have learned over the last eleven years of traveling together, including what not to pack and how to tip your waiter.

304 - #3.4 It all began in Panama
We recently had facebook and google give us reminders of where we were 2 years ago today. What came up is the inception of our podcast. On a trip to Panama for a getaway of time alone together, we dreamt up a crazy idea of podcasting our experiences of blending a large family. In today's episode, we went back and listened to our first episode, and wrote down what we thought.

301 - #3.1 What a year 2020 in review
In this episode, we review what happened in 2020. What our plans were, how they adjusted, and how we grew closer together as a family. Learn about travel plans, weddings, eating habits, toilet paper, and how we handled it.

216 - #2.16 Taking a Break from COVID
Darren and Paige spend a week away from the world with the family. No COVID, no riots, just the forests, canyons, and family. Learn how we disconnect from our worldly cares and have a fun time decompressing.

135 - #1.35 Our time to reconnect in Greece
In this episode, Darren and Paige spend some time together alone. No kids. This time in Greece. Follow their adventures to Athens, Santorini, and Peloponnese.

132 - #1.32 Making your own Lemonade, Overcoming hardship
Many times we are searching for the perfect lemonade when we are dealt lemons. We know if we are positive enough and with enough sugar, we can find good in anything thrown our way. But sometimes we need to adjust our expectations to fit the current situation. In this episode, we talk about finding our own lemonade in these tough situations.

129 - #1.29 Girl's Trips? Heck yes!
In this episode, Darren and Paige cover the importance of Girl's trips, the emotions of the husband left behind.

119 - #1.19 Flexibility in Travelling Together
In this episode learn how a trip to the Oregon Coast quickly turned into a business trip to Washington DC for Darren. Paige decided to join him so they could have some quality time alone together. Travel log and some nice back and forth about a missed romantic trip.

110 - #1.10 Family Heritage Tour
Family Heritage Roadtrips help give your kids a sense of belonging and roots. With a blended family, it can be tricky if you don't plan things out carefully. This episode is a travel episode of our Heritage road, find out what worked well for us and did not.

105 - #1.5 Family Road-trips survival of the fittest
This episode is about surviving and maybe even enjoying, road trips with your family. They can really be a time of bonding (or total stress!) with some preparation. Food, audible, games and electronics can get you through it!!

102 - #1.2 Spending Time Alone (Together)
Spending time as a couple (no kids) is very important when you are married for a second time. In this episode, Darren and Paige go to Panama for a week.