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with Darren W Pulsipher, Paige Pulsipher,

As Paige was searching for a current event to talk about this week, she kept seeing in the news and on social media the debate about plane etiquette. Even Paige and Darren disagree on some plane etiquette. Let’s delve into what the “rules” are for flying.


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As Paige was searching for a current event to talk about this week, she kept seeing in the news and on social media the debate about plane etiquette. Even Paige and Darren disagree on some plane etiquette. Let’s delve into what the “rules” are for flying.

Middle seat gets dibs on the armrests

The middle seat sucks. You’re constantly worried about encroaching on your neighbor’s side, fearing you’ll fall asleep and drop your head on their shoulder. For this reason, the person in the middle seat gets dibs on the armrests.

Stand up to let your neighbors through

Don’t do the half lift; it’s awkward to lean back. Stand up, unbuckle your seatbelt, and wait in the aisle until your neighbor returns. It’s a good excuse to stretch your legs at the same time.

Keep your belongings to yourself

I still remember trying to push someone else’s shoes back onto ‘their side’. Yes, there’s not a lot of room, but manage your belongings and keep them in the pocket of your seat, under the seat in front of you or stowed overhead.

Say hello, but read the room

It’s always nice to greet your neighbor but gauge whether they want a conversation. Earphones generally mean they have zero interest in chatting.

Don’t recline on short-haul flights

Unless you want your neighbor’s coffee or meal to end up in their lap, be mindful and resist reclining on short-haul flights. I know it’s tricky when the person in front of you reclines; it often creates a domino effect with everyone reclining to create more space. But think about that person in the last row who can’t recline at all. It’s 6 hours or less, suck it up.

Odorless food only

The rules of the office microwave apply on the plane. No tuna, pungent curries, or oozy cheeses – save anything smelly for your home.

Have all your stuff ready before the plane lands

We all want to desperately get off the plane and you have hours to get your stuff together. Don’t hold everyone up and decide to pack your belongings after the plane lands. Get it done before the descent.

Wait your turn to exit the plane

Don’t you love it when people from the last row jump up and try to get as far ahead as possible? Getting your bag from above becomes impossible because everyone is blocking the aisle. Just wait till your aisle is up to grab your bag and exit.

Just be nice

We’re all in the same confined space together so let’s just all get along. Be respectful of the crew and fellow passengers, and we’ll all have a more pleasant journey.

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Plane Etiquette

Podcast Transcript


Hello, this is.

Darren and this is. Page.

And this is where Lemonadewhere we talk about what happenswhen life through you lemons.

You make some lemonade.

Meaning some weeks it's lemons.

Yes, some weeks it's just lemons.


On today's episode.

We are going to talk about playingeveryday.

I need this.

Okay, so this is aproposbecause I'm actually traveling this weekand we're still recording podcasts.

This is our first timerecording away from each other.

This is going to be weird.

This is very weird.

This is.

Yeah, You're not in the same room with me.

No, I. What happened before?

So but we are going to talk about planeetiquette.

And you found an interesting article.

I don't necessarily agreewith everything on there.

I know you don't.

That's why I said.

At the beginning of my little outlinethat I sent you.

It says, Darren and Paigemight disagree on planeetiquette, and Darrenwill definitely agreewith some of the things on this listthat from the article I found this.

So let me tell youwhy I came up with this.

Yeah, Why?

Yeah, why did youwhy did you do this week?

So we decided thattoday we would talk aboutlike acurrentevent or, you know, something in the news.

And I was strugglingwith coming up with somethingand I was looking on Instagramand there's so many Instagramreels and things like thatthat talk about the plane.

And, you know,this person was so rude sitting next to meand this person did thisand this person that.

And there's so many,you know, flight attendants out therethat will put on their Instagramfeed, like, this is the thing.

These are the thingsyou should be doing on the planeand these arethe things you should not be doing.

So all the flight attendants agree.

I don't know about all of them. No.

But the articles that you found,they are all pretty much in agreement.

Yeah. Really? So interesting.


So, I mean, we travel a fair amount.

You travel even more than I do.

So we are on a lot of planes.

And, you know.

I have to tell you one thingbefore we get started.

I really enjoy traveling during COVID.

Well, I know you did.

Not as many did?

I did.

No, I did,because there weren't as many people.

Everyone was on their best behavior.

Everyone wore masks on the airplane.

And people that didn't that were rudegot kicked off.

So rude people, Don.

I thought you were going to sayyou did not like traveling during COVIDbecause there was a lot of familiesduring COVID, the travel,not as many business travelers,because you like the business travelers,because they're likethey know what they're doing.

They're like, Let's go, let's go.

Yeah, I do.

But that's getting on to the plane.

Yeah, right. Like going through security.

It drives me crazy when people go,

I have to take my shoes off.

What was that, a rule?

Well, that's 20 years.

It does drive you crazy.

How many times there and.

And people are like,wait, I have to take out my laptopout of the bagor I can't have my bottle of water.

I yeah, it drives you crazy.

You're like, seriously.

We're not talking about that today.

We're talking on the plane.

That could be a whole other episode.

Absolutely. Absolutely.

Getting through the airport with Darin.

You know what, honey?

We will take some video.

This is just for our paidcustomers are paid listeners alerts.

Hey, listeners, you can check out Darinwalking through the airportvideos I know personallyit's fascinating stuffwatching you walk through the airport.

He's very fast.

The kids are always like, why are wewalking so fast through the airports?too. Okay, so plane etiquette.

Let's talk about where on the plane.

We finally made it on the plane.


And all right.

So what sorts of things did you learn?

Okay, so it says thatand I think this is very controversialand we'll see how you feel about thismiddle seat.

Middle seat gets dibs on the armrest.

What do you. Think.

When I'm traveling with you? Absolutely.

So I think that's fair because thethe person up against the window,they have one all to themselves.

I think the person in the middlefeels a little scrunched anyway,because the person on the aisle,they can lean out in the aisleuntil the cart comes by, knocksthem, wakes them up or whatever.


So now I agree with that. Okay.

So yeah, I mean,

I think I agree with that for sure.


Like each person on the left and right,they already they have oneand the person is already squeezedin between.

So. Yeah, you know.

I agree with that.

I agree with that. Okay.

So we agree on that one.

We agree on that onemiddle seat gets your rest.


What is there to see?

What if it's a three for three?

You have two middle seats.

Who gets the armrest?

I don't know.

Yeah, that's a hard one.

Maybe someone has to go forward.

Someone goes back.

There you go.


So, see, we're solving world problemstoday.

We are?so you're saying if there's four.

If there's four in the movie. Yeah.

You know, like on the big airplanesthat we take overseas or whatever, or.

You know, there's two middle seats.

There's two middle seats.

Well, I guess you got to work it outwith your neighbor.

You got to work it out. Move. Right.

You okay?

The next round, the armrestfor half the flight.

There you go.

Split it. I like it. I like that.

Okay. Okay.

The next one to stand upto let your neighbors through.

Who you know, this was a no brainer.

Why wouldn't people do that?

I know.

Apparently it's a problemthat people just they, like lean back.

Do you?

I mean, they try and lean back or like,you know, put their legs against the seat.

Sorry, guys.

There's no room. Likeyou got to stand upunless you're in comfort.


Well, no, even comfort.

Plus, it's hardunless you're in the exit row.

If you're in the end zone.

Yeah, you don't have to get up,but otherwise, you need to stand up.


If you're in the if you're at the window,the two people to your rightneed to stand up and let you out.

Yeah. No, no, I.

I agree with you. There.

I, we have had some funny things happenthat way sometimes.

If I'm sitting in the middleand you're up against theyou'reup against the, the window or something,you won't, you won't let me get up,you'll just crawl over the top of mebecause you think it's funny.

I do think it's funny.

And then when I come back,

I always go, Excuse me, sir.

Excuse me, sir. And I sit on your lap.

Yeah, that's pretty funny.

People are like, my goodness.

What is it? Yeah.

I always like to cause a scenewhen I do that.

I'm like, Excuse me, sir.

And I'm like, sitting on your lapand rubbing up against you. A

Yeah, you should see everyone elseon the airplane.

All the guys are like,

Look at that lucky do you get that seat?

You know, I do have a story about that.

That happened once.

To me, it was very uncomfortable.

You know, this story right now.

So I was on a commuter jet,just a small one.

And so it was two seats on each side.

And I sat down in my seat,up against the window,and this lady sat down next to me and hertwo kids sat behind me that were tweens.

They were 10 to 13 years old or something.

She was smashed, totally smashed,drunk as drunk.

BE And I spent most of the flight with herhead in my lap.

She was out cold.

And I'm sitting therelooking at the flight attendant going,

Will you do something about this?

And she's like, What am I supposed to do?

And her kids tried to wake her upseveral times.

It was so it was it was uncomfortable.

Luckily,it was only an hour and a half flight.

So that is very uncomfortable.

In my area.

What do I do?

What do I do? So.

So you just let her stay in your lap?

I just tried to ignore her, you know?

I mean, she was out cold.

I felt bad for her kidsbecause obviously she's got a problem.

Something was goingon in her life, right? wow.

All right.

Next. Let's keep going.


Keep your belongings to yourself.

All right. What does this mean?

So it means likeyou don't make sure your stuff staysjust in front of you.

Like, don't let your shoes,because on some of the planes,there isn't a bar that is all.

Under the seat. Under the seat.

Under the seat.

You know how sometimes there's a barthat's like, okay, this is clearly mymy stuff and this is clearlysometimes the bar is not there.

And so it's saying, you know,keep your stuff under your seat.

Under your seat.

Don't let your shoesgo to the next person, likekeep your seat in for,you know, all your stuffshould be in your seat space,not in anyone else's.


So even if even if the person I'm sittingnext to is not using the spaceunderneath their seat, that's not my spaceto sprawl my stuff out.

No way.

No way.okay.

No, I agree with that on that one.

That would make sense to me.

Okay, good.

Yeah,that's just common sense, right? Yeah.

Okay. It's this one.

Say hello, but read the room.

So it says it's always niceto greet your neighbor,but you need to gougewhether they want a conversation.

Ouch. How about gauge.

Gauge, gouge, Gouge.

We say gouge. That's funny.

But Alex, the person who stabbed.

Gouged their eyes outif they want to talk to. You.

Well, Well, you kind of feltthat way the other day because you said hito this lady when we were flying backfrom seeing the grandkids. Yup.

Hi to this one lady.

And she started talking.

And then you just went through I know.

I was like, Hi, how are you doing?

And I even, like I said, you know,do you live are you are youdo you live here or are you heading homemaking some nice, polite conversation?

And then she kept going and I'm like, no,

I have

I have a movie I'm going to watch now.

Like,this is my quiet airtime.

But well, sweetie, what if she neededsomeone to really talk to?

You know, you missed an opportunity.

Missed an opportunity? Yep.

So I don't know what you want me to saythat.

I don't know.

I This goes to the whole kindness thing,though, right?

I think I talk to peoplemore than you do on the air.gosh. I put I.

I put my headphones on thatcovered my ears so everyone can see them.

Yes. You don't know.

I close my eyes,which said, leave me alone.

You don't even say hello to the personsitting next to you.

You literally sit down,put your headphones on.

And I usually say hello and you know,how are you doing?

And maybe have a two minute conversationand then,you know, yeah,when she kept trying to talk, I,

I just gave her very short answers andthen, like, slowly put my headphones in.

Okay, sowhat you're saying is what I do is rude.

I need to be more friendly.

No, I do. I do.

I need them.

You know, I'm not saying that. It's.

What it's saying is you need to gauge,not gouge.

Don't gouge.

Someone sitting next to you.

But you need to gauge.

You need a gauge.

You need to read the room. Right?

You need to.

So if someone sits next to youand you're putting your headphones on,they need to realize thatyou don't want to have a conversation.

So it's saying, but you need.

I get that. Right.

So it's saying Judge, judgethe people sitting next to you.

And but it also says, Say hello,so be nice.

We all need to be nice.

Yeah, well that's that'sone of the things I know.

I'll do that tomorrow when I fly home.


Okay. Do that.

So maybe just say.

Helloand then I'll put my headphones on and sayat least I'll be nice first.

I feel like if you at least sayhello, like, if they do need to ask youto get out or know.

I mean,if there's something that they need,they could at least they feel comfortable.

Like, okay, well he already, you know,if you don't say anything to each other,the whole flight, it's kind of awkward.

Like, do you really mean like, it's like.

It's like misspoken from Johnny

Shepard's daughter.

I love it.

You got to talk to people and be nice.

Yes, exactly.

That's your dad's motto?

That was his right.

He talked to everybody.

He talked to everybody.

He talked to everybody.

But yeah, this is just saying,make sure the person that you're talkingto wants to be talked to.

Yeah, right.

Well, some people,they have a plan on the airplane, right?

They're going to listen to a book.

They're going to watch a movie.

Like they're like, Ooh, this is exciting.

It's very quiet.

So just just, you know. Okay.

You've called meto repentance on that one.

I need to be a little bit more kind,not just walk in and go,

I don't want to talk to anyonebut say hello, right?

Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

All right. I'll work on that.

I'll see if I can dothat without you there. Okay.

All right.

So the next one don't recline on shorthaul flights.

I disagree completely.

I know that you disagree with this.

So tell me why you disagree with this.

Because I'm tired and I want to

I want to relax.

I see back.

If I don't, then I get a sore neckfrom falling asleep like, you know.


So you don't care if the personin front of you puts their seat back? No.

You don't care at all.

And I know that about you.

You don't. You don't.

It doesn't bother you at all? No.

Well, I would say that most.

I thought if I bought a seat thatreclines on purpose, I paid for that seat.

That reclinesbecause not all of them recline the same,right?

So, so I would sayfrom most of the research that I did,most people disagree with you.

They feel likethey said any flights under 5 hours,which it's funnythat they came up with that number.

Who came up with that number?

I have no idea.

But it said most flights under 5 hours.

You should not.

Unless like there's a littlelike they said,you need to look I this is what I do.

You know this about me.

I look and see who's sitting behind me.

If it's a little tiny person,then I don't feel bad about recline.

If it's a tall guy like you.

If I saw you sitting behind me,

I wouldn't recline because I'm like,that'll be a little uncomfortablefor him if I reclineit. Itreally isn't because it doesn't reclinethat far in the front moves forwardwhen you recline.

It actually gives me more legroomwhen you retire.

So I totally disagree.

I think the research is bogus on this one.


I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing.

That's basically what I'm saying.

But I do.

I always look to see who'ssitting behind me before I recline.

You're such a nice person.

I just I don't want to I would feel badif if someone didn't want me to recline.

But it'sthis is a hot topic like people do not

I mean, there's people that like,they reclined and I asked them not to.

And so I shook their seatand I hit their seat seat.

That's me.

That right there is called assault.

That's mean.

That's just being.

Called being mean.

Putting my seat back is not being me.

Puttingmy seat back is saying I'm exhausted.

I've had a long day.

I need to I need to relax the best

I can on this on this airplane.

The other one's like,you're encroaching in my space.

This is guess what?

You didn't buy that space.

You should have bought a different seat.

What do you say?

What you really feel, Honey.

I will.

You know, I'm going to findanother article that agrees with me,and I'm going to post that in ourin our concern.

Okay, Fair enough. Fair enough.

All right, let's move on.

I'll get upset with this one. Similarly.

But it did say thatif the flight is longer than 5 hours,then you do have the option of reclining.

You have the option recliningbecause there's a recline buttonon your armrest.

I'm serious.

You're so. Funny.

But I see what you're saying.

You're sayingif somebody reclines in front of you,you're not upset because the chairactually kind of slides the bottom of it.

Yeah, slides forward a bit.

And I'm not on all the planes, though.

Some almost all of them are really.

That's because I thought maybe on somejust the seat back went back.

Even if that happens,your knees aren't in their backdirectly It's down low enough.

It doesn't. Yeah.

Now if you're the type of personwho likes to put your feeton the back of my seat, that's a problem.

You know what I mean?

Because people have done that right?

Where they're kicking the seator little kids kicking the seat.

I mean, it's a little kid.

I just say, hey, you know, to the parents,

I'm trying to sleep.

I can't sleep with your kidkicking me every 5 seconds.


But I think that's fair. Yeah. Okay.

All right. Let's move on. The next one.

This one is funny.

I think it's funny because we just.

We just experience. That. yes, we did.

So the next one is odorless food only

Now, we were just on a planelast weekend and we're sitting there.

It was it was so strong.

We were getting all settled in.

And also we both look at each otherand go, it was fish.

Someone had fish on the plane.

It was horrible, likeit was bad.

I'm like, You cannot have fish on a plane.

Like you're in this skinny little tubeand your food or, you know,your food odor is going nowhereexcept for, it was.

And I, I was looking around to see

I couldn't see even who was doing it, butit was bad.

Yeah, it was, it was it was pretty bad.

Well, it's not just fish.

What are the other ones on the category?

I think this is funny.

No tuna, no pungent curries.

We could not fly to Indiabecause all the food was Well.

Even the food they serve isis called curry.

Yeah. So.

But you cheeses what's in oozy cheese.

I don't know.

What does oozy cheese really smell.

I don't understand that one.

I think they mean like strong cheeses.

Like a like a blue cheese is pretty strongor some of the other out the other ones.

So yeah. Cheese odorless food.great.

Now I can only

I can't leave like your backand I can only tasteless, odorless food.

That's right.

Tasteless odor of food.

That's so funny.

Yeah. So, I don't know.

I actually kind of agree with that one.


It was. It was pretty strong.

Like I was literally sitting thereholding my nose whenwhen whoever got their fish out,

I was like, my this is another one about odors.

Then our trip back from

Istanbul, from Turkey,you sat next to and showered in months.

That was probably the worst plane ride

I've ever taken.

Luckily, I took a sleeping pill.


So I was. Out super sick after I did.

But you know what?

That might have been worth it.

The guy sitting next to mehad the worst B.O.

I've ever seen.

Like I was in the middle,and you were on the in the aisle,and you could smell him. Like,it wasn't like.let me switch with you, honey.

You did offer to switch with me.

Yeah, but it is about halfwaythrough or partway through the flight.

He put his arms up over his head.

Yep, that's it. You go to sleep God.

It was so just like, it was so disgusting.

And I was. I was actually getting mad.

Like, I was just like, you've like,how can you not smell yourself?

Like, in the.

Though the stewardess even told me,she's like, I'm so sorry.

Do you remember that?

He was.

Wrote. To me and she goes, I'm so sorry.

And I'm like, So I put a mask on, right?

I remember. I put youdid you put a mask on?

I put a facemask on which and I put and I had

I had some chapstickthat was like menthol items.

So I rubbed that under my noseand in the maskso that maybe I could just smellthe menthol item.

But yes.

So everyone, this is for everyonelistening to this podcast.

Or whatever before you get on a not only.

Shower, put on some deodorant, maybeleave the perfume off because sometimesstrong perfume that's even worse.

Just as badas the odor is just as bad as B.O.. Butthink of others, right?

That's what this is.

Think of others that are sitting next.

You take a showerand put on some deodorant.

I'm begging you.

I'm literally begging you all.


All right, then. Let's go to the next one.

All right.

Now, we've been in the planefor a long time,and you're surprisedthat the plane landedand you have to get off.

This kind of happened on our last planes.

You remember that?

Like we landed? Yeah.

Nobody stood up.

Which I'm like, okay, is this a new thing?

Like, people are waitinguntil like a couple rows.

But it was weird.

It was.

It's like,all right, there's people on the flightthat want to get off or have to catch aa connection or something like that.

And you're just sitting there going, Well,

I got to get all my stuff together.

And so this is get all your stuff togetherbefore the plane lands. Yes.

This says we want you.

We all want to get off the plane,get your stuff together.

It says, don't hold everyone else upbecause you haven't packedyour belongings.

And the thing is, is it's one thing to go,you know what?

I'm going to take my time.

And butthen people,they stand up and get in the aislewhile they're packing everything up.

That's rude.

If you want to stay in your seat and packeverything up, no problem.

Like if you want to wait.

You're not blocking someone else.

Right? Exactly.

As long as you'renot blocking someone else.

If you want to sit thereand take your time.

But for I mean,this last plane was so weird.

It was likehalf the plane did that. It was like,we're here when it's my royal.

It was so weird.

And people would stand up in the aisleand then they'reputting stuff in their backpackand I'm like, What is going on?

You should say something.

I remember this,but not as vividly as you do.

Maybe you were in, you know, what?

Do you know why.

I Because I could see it all.

You were standing in the aislewhere I was still sitting in the hallway.

You could see.

So I could see that nobody was,like, moving or doing anything.

I was like. What's what's going on?

And then I would see someoneand I'd be like, Well,maybe they're staying on the plane,or maybe they want to get off last.

But then it would get to themand then they would stand up in the aisle.

Then they would start packing their bag.

And I'm like, What?

What's happening right now?

It was very weird.

So now we have a funny storyabout this ourselves.

We do?yeah. So it's our foreignness.

Sometimes in some older airportsor airports that are growingreally fast, they don't pull the airplaneup to a terminal.

It's out on the tarmacand they'll catch a bus.

And Paige and

I were flying back from somewhere.

I can't remember. I can't remember.

We were exhausted because we had beenwe've been in a flightthe night before and all that.

And and we caught this flightto go somewhere.

So the plane lands.

We fell asleep and didn't wake upthe whole the whole aircraft had alreadydisembarked.

Everyone was off the plane waitingon the bus, and they were waiting for us.

And we didn't know this. We were calm.

The flight attendants didn't wake us uplike that was kind of crazy.

And then all of a sudden I woke up and sawno one else was on the airplane.

I thought I was in the Twilight Zonemovie or something.

So then I said,all right, let's get our stuff offand we'll walk off the plane.

And we were taking our time, getting off.

And then because we're like.

We're like,we're the last people on the plane.

Like,we might as well take our time, right?

We had no ideathere was a bus sitting outside the planewaiting to take us to the terminal.

We had no idea.

No idea.

There were so many people on that bus.

We're like, we we step.

Off the plane and we're like.

And then we and, my gosh, everyone onthe plane is just staring at us.

And we're like, my goodness.

So we've been guilty of this ourselves.

Yeah, yeah.

I still can't believe.

I wonder if the flight attendantsdidn't know that we were still back there.

Like, I wonder if they were like,at the front of the planedoing their thing,starting clean up like us.

Why would they not wake us up?

I wonder if they thought the plane.

But they waited for us,so they obviously counted people.

Yeah. So, so weird. Yeah, it was weird.

All right, so we're guilty of thatone hour a little bit ourselves.

So, yes, we are.

So once again, it can be frustrating.

And as a general rule,you should be ready to get off the plane,but be patient with those that.

Well, what about helpingsomeone get their luggage downout of the overhead bin to help them out?

Is that considered rude?

I'll just grab this for youand set it down for you,because that will speed things up.

You think people would be mad if I did notknow?

I mean, I actually I don't know,but I think it's awesometo offer to say,

Do you want me to grab your bag for you?

And they can say yes or no.right. That's called go.

Okay, That is being nice.


Now this one, this one is weird to waityour turn to exit the plane.

We've seen a lot of this lately.

Like this used to not be a thing at all.

This used to not be a thing.

Everybody went off row by row,unless, like, sometimes they wouldsay, Hey, everyone, stay seated.

And yes, if youif you don't have a connection,stay seated so people can get offbecause we're running late.

But that's veryfew times that happens. Butnormally, right row by row you go.

We have been on some flightswhere people likethey're like running upand they're like pushing past us.

And I'm like,are you late?

I mean. Just, you know, we've had.

Maybe I mean, all you do is say so,but yeah, because it saysyou are supposed to wait right row by row,you get off, don't push ahead.

And if you need to,then you need to say somethingand say, I'm, you know, and we havewe have done that. Yes, we have.

Yeah, we.

Have said our flight isis boarding in 20 minutes.

In fact, one of our flights recently,we said our flight is boarding in

And people were very kindand we're like, you guys go, you guys go.

So I like

I think what you mentioned here iscommunication is going to be key, talkingto people up front in the beginning,especially the flight attendantsand saying, hey, how are you?

Are you having a good day?

Whatever,and the people next to you and around you.

So if there is something that you need,you've already established

I'm somewhat of a decent personbecause I said hello.

Yeah, right.

You know, I'm I'm a I'ma human being like you are.

And maybe I'mmaybe I need a little help with something.

When we land, right? Yeah. So.

But what do you do with peoplethat just, like,they don't think that they have to wait?

They're just going to push past you.

What do you do?

I don't know. What do you do?

Just let it go. You let it go.

You let it go.

Otherwise, whenever you're in a hurry,otherwise you're just wasting youryour energy. Yep.

Just let it. Go.

That's having a bad day.

Or maybe you're just a jerk.

Who knows?

Yep. Yep.

Just let it go. Let it, let it go.

Okay. And the last one.

Just be nice,right? Just be nice.

You know, there's onethat wasn't on here that I was expectingbecause I've heard thisfrom Flight attendants.

Some of some of our friends are flightattendants.


Wear your shoeswhen you're walking out.

When you're walking,especially to the bathroom.bathrooms are nasty.

Why wouldn't you wear your shoes?

It's disgusting, not your home.

Put your shoes onwhen you walk down the aisles.

Yeah. Yeah.

It will vacuum the whole airplane.

They don't.

They don't vacuum the whole airplane.

Every night I was on a flight.

I was by myself. You weren't with me.

And the guy next, like,not sitting in my row,but across from me, across the aisle.

And we were in the very first row.

We were in one, you know, I was inlike one A and he was in, you know, one.

We hadthe, like, bulkhead right in front of us.


He had his bare feet up on the wallthe entire time.

That's gross.

That's that's not cool.

That's gross.

Like the entire time he hadhis bare feet up on the wall.

And I'm like, that's disgusting.

Put your bare feet down.

And and the one thing it was not on hereeither.

It's just like people that put their feet,you know, I mean, like theythey put it through.

They put it on your armrest.the person behind you.

Yeah. No, that's not.


You shouldn't be touching the thingsin front of you with your feet.

No, that's. That's gross.

That's really.

That's rudeand that's gross. People, come on.

Or have you seen theyou've seen the, like, reels of the peoplewith a really long hair,and they put the hair,they drape it on the.

Seat behind them. What the heck, people?

What in the world why would you do that?

I think the key thing around thiswhole thing is what you said just be nice,considerate of other peopleand you'll figure it out.

Yes, be can be self aware.

But the problem is, is there'sa lot of people that are not self-aware.

Or maybe they're self self-aware, andit's like, no one can tell me what to do.


So the only thing you can do inthis situation is be nice and say, Hey,would you mind not letting your long hairhang over my seat so I get.


So I can't see the movie.

You can start braiding their hair,but you guys back.

I thought you wanted your hair.

Start writing that.



All right.

Our eliminated member the week.

What you got, sweetie?


I just had a siblings trip with my family,so the four siblings got togetherwith my mom,and we went to Disneylandbecause that's one of her favorite places.

And the hard part about it ismy mom has a really hard timestanding or walking herback, hurts her so badly.

She has a lot of pain in her backso she can't walk or stand for very long.

But she didn'twant to be pushed in a wheelchair.

So we were really grateful that Disneylandhas those electric scooter.

Right. What are they called?

I guess they're called scooters. Yeah.

Electric scooter. Yeah.

Not that you can rent them for the day.

And she drove all around, you know,so that was so great.

And so even though the lemons aremy mom has a bad backand she has a hard time walkingand standing because of the scooter,she was able to get aroundand she only ran into let's see,she ran into my sister's leg onceand then my aunt.

Or is that the lemon tree?

Obviously, that's the lemon part.

And she had yeah, my sister, I waswe were like, did you make mom mad?

Like, like.

Like you must have did somethingmake Mom mad?

And then yeah, my brother justhe did it to himself, though.

He, like, he had flip flops on and he likethat, wasn't it. I actually that wasn't.

I don't know when that was, but yeah, he,he wrecked one of his toenails.

But that's funny.

Yeah, Disneyland was fun.

We just went on a couple of ridesthat my mom likes and.

Just walking through the boats,going to Disneyland.

Wow. Yep. I don't.

It was fun.

And we just enjoyed their foodand people watched and went on a few.

Did you guys revert backto your childhood?

Did you complain that your feethurt to your mom and all that,all that stuff that kids do at Disneyland?

No, my feet didn't hurt.

I'm smarter now that I'm an adult.

I'm much smarter.

I work, I wear tennis shoes,and I just feel and like these girls,like, dress all cute and they've got,like, wedges on her heels.

I'm like, honey.sweetheart. Why? Just. Why?

No, no. Go get your tennis on.

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