#4.1 We're Back!! Kick off to 2022

on Thu Feb 03 2022 06:00:00 GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

with Darren W Pulsipher, Paige Pulsipher,

It has been six months since our last episode. Where have we been? What have we been doing? Why did we stop? Why are we starting up again? Find out in this kick off to season 4.



Why we started
Wanted to help and be a voice of “we’ve been there” for blended families
Wanted to show others that even when life is extremely challenging throwing lemons at you, not going according to your lifeplan at all, you can still be happy - that there is Lemonade somehow, somewhere

Why we stopped
Pandemic, life was boring
Felt like we had nothing left to say about blended families, that we had addressed most topics that we could
Realized this podcast isn't just about blended families it's about finding the Lemonade
We missed doing the podcast, therapy for us
OK so, lets recap of what's been going on:
Pandemic still going on…….
Darren is halfway thru his PHD
Paige has health issues
2 teenage drivers with jobs
A new grandbaby

#WTL #2020 #WheresTheLemonade
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