Men are from Mars. Women from Venus Part 1

on Thu Jun 27 2024 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

with Darren W Pulsipher, Paige Pulsipher,

Paige finds a Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus quiz online and Darren and Paige take the quiz and reveal some interesting differences between men and women.


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Revealing Our Distinctiveness Through A Lighthearted Lens

It is often hard to understand what your wife or husband really wants, thinks, needs, feels or does. This quiz is light-hearted but informative; it is useful to get a better understanding of each other – and to bring you closer together. In many of the questions information is used which is generally true of either men or women. But if it is not true of you, that is because all people are different in many ways; it does not mean you are less of a man or a woman. The questions do, however, usually help you to understand each other and, if necessary, identify where you may be differing. Do the quiz on your own - only compare when you hear the answers! Enjoy the quiz! See the quiz below.

It’s a Brainy Affair!

It may surprise you to know that our brains are initially identical. That’s right; every brain begins as a female brain until it is transformed around the sixth week of conception. Thereafter, the male brain develops quite differently, resulting in a broad range of cognitive capabilities. The humble female brain, however, is significant in its own way, often leading to a rich complexity of thought and feelings. Remember, variety is the spice of life!

Shattering Some Stereotypes

From a young age, we’ve often heard that men are better at spatial reasoning. But does this talent make us ladies any less adept? Absolutely not! It could make us more cautious, but then, a smidge of caution never did anyone any harm! Interestingly, it’s the men who are more color blind due to genetic inheritance. Guess that’s why we women get to enjoy an endless spectrum of colors, right?

Let’s Talk Personalities

People often believe that men and women think, behave, and navigate the world in completely different ways, influenced by our upbringing or societal pressures. However, when it comes to common interests and bonding, it can be a fascinating blend of Mars and Venus. Ever seen a man equally mesmerized by a clothing sale as a woman, or a woman equally excited about a gadget like a man? It happens!

Wrinkles & Vinkles!

Finally, let’s touch on a topic close to most women’s hearts: ageing and wrinkles. While we often lament that men age like fine wine and we women just age, here’s the silver lining. Women have a layer of subcutaneous fat beneath their skin, which makes it more sensitive and supple. Despite this leading to wrinkles in later life, it all adds beautifully to our radiant glow!

While we’ve treaded a lighthearted path here, it’s essential to remember that we are all unique in our own way. Understanding our differences can lead to stronger bonds, healthier interactions, and much more understanding between the sexes. So, why not embark on this journey of discovery together?

To learn more about our beautiful differences and similarities, don’t forget to check out the latest episode of our “Where’s The Lemonade” podcast. Feel free to share the post and spread the love! And don’t forget, we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences too.

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Rachels birthday today, she was trying to decide if she was going to take the kids out to dinner or get take out. They had some funny comments. Happy birthday Rachel!


  1. Is the basic brain pattern that we have from conception male or female?
  2. Who are more likely to be colour-blind – men or women?
  3. Who have better spatial awareness?
  4. How do women shop?
  5. How do men shop?
  6. Whose skin is more sensitive to touch – man’s or woman’s?
  7. Who feel the cold more?
  8. Who are better at reading body language?
  9. Who are better at distinguishing between high-pitched noises?
  10. Who are better at identifying from where sounds come?
  11. Who have the lower pain threshold?
  12. Who are better able to discern salty or bitter tastes?
  13. Who are better able to discern sweet tastes?
  14. Who have the finer sense of smell?
  15. Who have more brain cells?
  16. Who use only the left side of the brain for speech?
  17. Who are better at languages?
  18. Who are better at maths?
  19. Who find it easier to read while listening and talking?
  20. Whose brain is more compartmentalised?
  21. How does a woman get rid of problems from her mind?
  22. Who use more words in a day? ….
  23. and by what rough proportion?
  24. What chief purpose do men see in the telephone?
  25. What chief purpose do women see in the telephone?
  26. Who are able to speak and listen at the same time?
  27. When a man has a problem what does he do?
  28. What does a woman need to do when reading a map?
  29. Who find it easier to use a TV remote control?
  30. Who are better at intricate handcraft?

Quiz Answers

  1. Is the basic brain pattern that we have from conception male or female? All brains are initially female, but for males it changes from six weeks after conception and men’s brains develop differently. Because men’s brains change there is more potential for wider extremes of brain capabilities. Therefore more men are likely to be geniuses or mentally handicapped.
  2. Who are more likely to be colour-blind – men or women? Over 10% of men are at least partially colour-blind. Very few women are.
  3. Who have better spatial awareness? Men. So they find it easier to park a car or to reverse it. 4. How do women shop? They find shopping relaxing, rejuvenating - trying on different clothes. It can be unstructured and it does not need a definite outcome. (This does not apply to food shopping though!)
  4. How do men shop? Men shop with definite objectives and a timetable – the quicker the better. 6. Whose skin is more sensitive to touch – men’s or women’s? Women’s – their skin is thinner; also they have an extra layer of fat beneath it, which adds to beauty in youth and wrinkles in old age.
  5. Who feel the cold more? Men – because they lack that layer of fat. But because of it women have the greater problem with hot temperatures.
  6. Who are better at reading body language? Women.
  7. Who are better at distinguishing between high-pitched noises? Women.
  8. Who are better at identifying from where sounds come? Men.
  9. Who have the lower pain threshold? Men – except when focussed on a physical task or sporting activity.
  10. Who are better able to discern salty or bitter tastes? Men – which is why they like beer.
  11. Who are better able to discern sweet tastes? Women – hence chocholics.
  12. Who have the finer sense of smell? Women.
  13. Who have more brain cells? Men – approximately 4 billion more than a woman.
  14. Who use only the left side of the brain for speech? Men. Women use both sides.
  15. Who are better at languages? Women.
  16. Who are better at mathematics? Men.
  17. Who find it easier to read while listening and talking? Women.
  18. Whose brain is more compartmentalised? Men. At the end of a busy day a man’s brain can file his problems away.
  19. How does a woman get rid of problems from her mind? By talking about them – the objective is not necessarily to find solutions but to discharge the problems.
  20. Who use more words in a day? …. Women.
  21. and by what rough proportion? Approaching three times the words of men.
  22. What chief purpose do men see in the telephone? As a communication tool for asking questions and giving information.
  23. What chief purpose do women see in the telephone? As a means of developing and sustaining relationships.
  24. Who are able to speak and listen at the same time? Women. Men can usually only do one at a time.
  25. When a man has a problem what does he do? He withdraws into himself and/or uses his recreational or hobby skills while working out the solutions.
  26. What does a woman need to do when reading a map? Turn it in the direction in which she is going.
  27. Who find it easier to use a TV remote control? Men.
  28. Who are better at intricate handcraft? Women
Podcast Transcript


All right, honey, why did you decide to doa quiz instead of us just talking about?

Men are different than women. Period.

End of discussion. That would be it.

That would be it. I wanted.

I wanted to be more specific,and I wanted to help,men and womenmaybe that are listening or watching,our YouTube channelor listening to our podcast.

I want them to better understandand each other.

Hello, this is.

Darren and this is Paige. And this is.

Where lemonade.

Where we talk aboutwhat happens when life throws you lemons.

We make some lemonade.

Maybe some weeks it's lemons week.

Yeah, some weeks it's just lemons.


On today's episode.

Men are from Marsand women are from Venus.


Okay, honey, why did you pick?

Men are from

Mars and women are from Venus.

Because, you're out of town.

And I started thinkingabout what we should do for the podcast.

And then I started thinkingabout how different we are.

Yeah, there you go.

That happens every time I leave town.

She thinks about how different we are.

And I just started thinking about,like, when you're gone, stuffthat you normally do when you're hereand so I just start thinking aboutthe differences between men and women.

And then I just started and then I went,wait, that men are from Mars.

I know this is this is kind of,you think thatthe young'unseven know about men from Mars.

So I don't. Know if they know that book.

I mean, that book was very famousin the 80s and 90s.

It was. Right.

Or was it just the 90s?

Maybe it was just the 90s.

I remember when it came out. So.


And I know there's like a gamemen are from Mars.

When are we should get the game to.

We should getthe game. It'd be fun. Yeah. Play with

I don't know.

So I just started thinking about thatand then I just decided tothat the research department,which didn't research when men are from

Mars, Women Are from Venus, was written.

Should really fire them.but yeah, that'sthat's why I was thinkingabout our differences, honey.

Oh, great.

So just what I want.

So. All right,so here's here's the big question.

What did you find online?

Did you just type that into ChatGPTor did you find an article.

What wouldwhat did you find in your vast research?

I'm sorry. No, I did not use ChatGPT.

I have failed you.

I don't you feel me?

I put it into Google.

I know you would rather thatit's not my go to yet.

I have to make it my go to.

I just typed it into Googleand just saidmen are from Mars on from Venus quiz.

And yeah, it gave me Pagesand Pages of different quizzes,relationship quizzes and,you know, all kinds of quizzes.

So what. Is that? Whatis that?

What we're doing on our episodetoday is taking a quiz.

We're taking a little quiz okay.

So if you want to take this quizwith your spouse go to our website.

Where's the lemonade dawg?

The quiz will be there.

Yeah, you can take the quiz,see how good you do.

And then the answers are are availableas well.

Well, the answers with explanations. Yes.

Because even. Better. Yeah.

Now one thing we talked aboutthese are generalizations.

Huge generalizations.

I mean, just likeyou do most of the cooking.


So that would not bea stereotypical relationship.

Stereotypically the woman would do mostof cooking and the man working culture.

But in Tongan culturethe men do all the cooking.

Oh, see, is that right?

Is that why you like to do the cooking?

You're you're getting in touchwith your Tongan roots.

I'm getting in touch with my tongue.

I do have a lava. Lava.

I know, I know, it's it's hot outside,so maybe I should wear it to churcha little. A little air down there.

That's all right, honey.

Why did you decide to do a quizinstead of us just talking aboutmen are different than women.


End of discussion. That would be it.

That would be it.

I wanted I wanted to be more specific,and I wanted to help,men and womenmaybe that are listening or watching,our YouTube channelor listening to our podcast.

I want them to better understandand each other.

So in this quiz, it'smeant to be a lighthearted,quiz.

But it's also supposedto be informative andapparently the experts, not us.

We're not experts,but the experts say that,if you understand each other better,then it might bring you closer together.

What do you think?

Do you think that's true?

I think that's true.

I do, because if you say, well, hey,my wife is wireda certain way, then helps me understanda little bit better, right?

Because, well.

I think I think you're right.

Instead of just going, like she is crazyor he is so,you know, blah, blah, blah, right?

Instead of like, yeah, like,oh my goodness.

So if you can maybe understand the McCannand emotions and geneticsand you know what I mean.

All of that behind men and women,maybe we can understand each other better.

So so this quiz has likelike physical traitsthat are different between men and womenas well as emotional. does it does it does.

I actually have not.

I was talking to our daughter

Madeline about this just like an hour ago.

She was like,oh, well, just ask about this.

And I said, I actually haven't read.

I read maybe the first three questions,but I wanted to not read the questionsbecause I wanted to beas surprised as you were.

So I haven't read most of these questions.

Oh man, this is going to be a doozy.

So it. Is.

So we are going to see these togetherbecause I wanted to also be just, you knowokay.

So at the end at the end of the quizare we going to ask does this help me?

Let's ask that at the end of the quiz,we're going to ask,do you understand me better afterwards?


Well I'll see what happens.

Sounds good, sounds good.

If you are enjoying today's episode.

Check out our website at Where'sthe where you can book us to.

Come to your conference,your event, your workshop.

We can't wait to see you.

All right, let's take the quiz now.

All right.

You asked the first questionand then we'll both answer it.


So this one this is super interesting

I did this

I did read this questionand I didn't really understand it.

It says is the basic brain patternthat we have from conceptionmale or female.

So when I read that I was like what?

And then I thought,why does that even matter?

Who cares?

I'm not one of those peoplethat needs to go back to I have traumabecause I was born and I tookwe areyou know, I'm definitely not like it.

So I was just like, what?

But then when I read the answer,

I understood.

So I don't have

I didn't have an answer to this questionbecause I thought it was a weird question.

Did you have an answer?

I didn't, you know, when I read it tobecause you said read the first question.

Yeah, that's basic brain.

So this goes all the way backto conception.

Yes. So egg and sperm come together.

Boom. Baby happens.

The brain starts to form right away.

Is it male or female?

At the very beginning

I would say it's the same.

That's what I would say.


Well, the answer is all brainsare initially initially female,but for males it changes from six weeksafter conception and men's brainsdevelop differently.

Clearly, because men's brains change,there is more potential for widerextremes of brain capabilities.

Therefore, more men are likelyto be geniuses or mentally handicapped.

Interesting. Isn't that interesting?

So there's like somen have this wider range ofextremes.

I have. I have this.

I saw I saw an IQ, bell curve of menversus women.

Okay. Yeah.

The men's bell curve is flatter and wider,meaning really more, more,higher IQs and more lower IQ in generalis, is, a lower population.

And women's tends to be not as widebut much more concentratedin, in general intelligence.

So that explains this,that that explains this, theory.

So when I read that question,

I was just like, it's so stupid.

Why do we need to know this?

And then when I read the answer, I went,you know, it's kind of interesting.

This kind of interesting.

Well, all right,so there's your first one.

There's a lot more variety.

You have intelligence in menthan in women.

Yeah. Yeah okay. Yeah.

It's very interesting. All right.

Next question I'm going to read this onebecause I know they did this one.

Who are more likely to be colorblindmen or women.

What do you think?


I already knew the answer to this questionbecause we have so many men in our familythat are colorblind.

Yes, we do.

But, I already know the answer tothis is men.

It absolutely is.

And it's because,colorblindness is a sex trait, Yeah.

And when you said men in our family,all my boys are colorblind to some degree.

Yeah, they are right.

And and none of your boys.


No. None of our girls, jointly. No.

None of our girls. So. All right.

So then overten, over 10% of men are at leastpartially colorblind,and very few women are.

Is that why we can't match our clothesappropriately?


Is that why you always pick black sockswith your bluepantsand blue socks with your black pants?

And you never knowthe things that we put into.

And I think.

That's just because I don't really care.

Except I've beentrying harder because you and the girlstease me about it all the time.

So we. Do.

We get to church and you cross your legand we go.

Darren, those are navy blue sockswith my black slacks.

Yep. But, yeah,

I don't think you care. No.

Maybe we'll talk about that laterin the quiz. About why?

There you go.

Why women care and men don't. Who knows?

Okay, next one, your turn.

Number three,who have better spatial awareness. Men.

Totally. That what you think?

That's what I think.

Yeah, I would probably

I would probably say that as well.

I would probably say that as well.



I know this because I read a study at MIT.

They took, men andwomen and they walked them,undergroundin the underground part of campus.and walked them aroundand then told them,you got to get back to where you were.

And oh, interesting.

The the number of men that were able to doit was much higher than women.and like I said, this is a generality.

So it's, it's not true for everyone.

But right when you runthe statistics, men have betterspatial, reasoning or awareness, I guess.

Right. Yeah.

It says it says the answer is men.and it says men find it easier generallyto park a car or to reverse it.

I would have to say I would have to sayin my life,typically men are more confidentat driving than women.

Do you mean like womenmay be better driversbecause they're more cautious,but men are.

They're confident. They're.

Now I got this where I think women are,you know, we're a little more hesitant.

So that's interesting that that it maybebecause of the spatial awareness thing I.

Never thought of that. But that could bethat could be it.

Right. Yeah.

Our brains are different.

So maybe. Our brains.

Yeah. Interesting. I never thought of it.

Are you still there?

You're still listening? Oh, good.

You can check out where's eliminate.orgfor more episodes as well as advice and.

Tips and. Tricks. There you go.

All right. Next one.

How do women shop?

Oh, on Amazon all the time.

There you go.

Wow. How how they open up.

They turn their phone on.

And what's the Amazon app?

That's how that actually came up.

I was speaking at a conference todayand it wasit was at the AWS summit,which was hilarious.

And on the panel there were men and womenand we were talking about, data collectionand things like that.

And then women goes, oh, Amazonhas all my data and all my shopping habitsand if they're not,there are three times a day,then they call me and say,is everything okay at your house?

So there you go.

So all right,so what's the answer to this one?

Well,it's, it's interesting.

It says that women find shopping relaxing,rejuvenating,trying on different clothes. Right.

This is relaxing. This is rejuvenating.

It can be unstructuredand it doesn't need a definite outcome.

It says this does not apply to foodshopping, though.

Oh, I. Hate food shopping.

Oh, that is so true.

Isn't that interesting?

So women, which

I think you know this about me, and maybe

I don't know that you knew thisa ton about women until you married me.

That is like, I mean, Iit makes me happy to buy somethingnew, clothes.

It makes me happy to shop.

And even if we do get thingsfor the house, that makes me happy,like I'm like, woohoo!

Like, yeah.

I noticed, I notice about you.also, you like to try things onand I've learned

I love watching you try things on.

I love watching how happy it makes I've learned to enjoythat part of shopping with you.

I know a lot of men don't like shoppingwith their wives because of that.but I learn because you light up,you really light up.

And I enjoy seeing you. Yeah.

If I put something on that, I feel good.

And I come out and I'm like, hi.

What do you think?

Do you like. It?

I know, yeah.

Then I know whether it looks bad or good.

The answer is, you look great.

If I have a smile on my face, if you have.

A smile, if you have a frown on your face,then I can say,oh, why don't you try on the next thing?

Yeah, yeah.

But no, you, you are,

I think, an outlier when it comes to men.

You do like shoppingand I like shopping with you.

We don't shop too much anymorein the storesbecause I get most of my stuffoff of Amazon.

I know maybe we need to do that on a date.

We do the shopping date again.

We've done that before.

We have. And you? yeah.

You know, you like to go shopping.

I like shopping with youbecause you spend more money than I wouldfor sure.

I do shopping with you then for.

If I try something on and I'm like, oh,but that dress is $100 and you're like,so what? It looks great on you.

Where if I was by myself,

I would not have bought that dress.

But because you're with me.


And you're like, no, let's get it.

I'm like, okay. Okay.

I think that goes to the next question,which is, how do men shop?

So in general.

It's about my answer.

That would have been,not often and quickly.

That's what I would have said.

Well, and I would say the same thing.

I have an objective.

I want to get there,get it done, and and get out.

And but that'swhen I'm shopping for myself.

If I'm shopping with you,my objective is very different.

My objective ismaking you happyor what's helping you be happy.

Because I like it when you smile.

You've got an incredible smile.

So I love that. Oh, you're so sweet.

But I think you.

Like I said,

I think you're an outlier for the menbecause I think most men do not liketo go shopping with their wives.

Clothes shopping.

At least then men change your attitude.

Go places that make her happy.

So right now,this makes it makes everybodyhappy and vice versa, right?

Women need to do thingsthat make their husband happy.

If their husband wants to go to theto best Buy or

I don't know what's another man thing,the hunting store or the sporting.

Goods store, you know.

Go with them,go with them and watch them get excited.

No. Right. That's a good idea.

So the answer tohow do we men shop is it says menshop with definite objectivesand a timetable.

The quicker the better.

And that is usually typical,especially if you.

Yeah, if you are shopping for you and I'mnot with you, like there's been timeswhere you've been on a tripand you're like,oh shoot, I forgot a shirt,or I forgot a tie and you're like.

Yeah, you don't come out.

Like the quicker the better, right?

Yeah. Does it fit?

I don't know that. Does it need to fit.

So that's interestingbecause so that's a huge difference.

Women were rejuvenatedwere relaxed to shop.

And men are like let's go, let's go.

So yeah that is a big difference.

And maybe that can help.

Maybe now that we have pointed that out

I mean, I know people already know this,but it's an actual physical,psychological differencebetween men and women.

Well, you get endorphin.

You get an endorphin releasewhen you shop, right?

That's what I'm saying.

It's actual physicalthat maybe men and women can help,can understand each other better.

Okay, great.

All right. Next question.

I know this one too.

Whose skin is more sensitive to the touch?

Men or women's Paiges is the answer.

There's no men or women here.

Paige is very sensitive to the touchright?

I am very sensitive to the touch.

And I always say,

I wish you could understandhow my skin feels just for a day, because

I always think that you think I'm a wimp.

I never. Said that. And I do never.

You have never said that. But I.

I am very sick of my skin bruises.

It hurts.

Like if I get pinched, it hurts.

And I'm like, that hurtswhere you are.

And you come in from the garageand you'll have some cut on your arm.

And I'm like, honey, and you're like,it's on no where.

I'd be like, oh, like, I don't know.

All right, why is that?

So what's the answer to this one? It'swomen at women.

Women's skin is more sensitive typically.

Yeah. It says their skin is thinner.

It says they also theyhave an extra layer of fat beneath it,which adds to beauty in youthand wrinkles in old age.

Oh, that's interestingbecause of our extra layer of fat.

That means in old age we actually get morewrinkles than men. Wow.

Life is. Under.

That is not cool.

Not cool.

Okay. Not cool.


Next onewe're going to move off that topicbecause that'sgoing to go down the spiral.

I don't want to goyeah. Move on move on.

If you are enjoying today's episode.

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Where you can book us to.

Come to your conference,your event, your workshop.

We can't wait to seewho feels the cold more.

Oh, I see this at work.

What would you say though,without seeing this answer?

What would you.

What would you answer?

I would say it would be women.

Yes. Same, I would have I would say women.

Definitely. Women are always like,oh, in restaurants.

I'm so cool. At work,

I see, I see it at work.

A lot of women have a sweaterthat they put on the back of their chairs,because at work they keep the temperaturelike 72 degrees or something like that.

And most guys I see atwork are in shorts and a t shirtand the women will come in andthey'll put their sweater on to stay warm.

So is that the right answer?

No. What's the answer?

I know, right?

I would have onelike I literally would have been 100%.

The answer is women.

It is men, it says,because they lack that layer of fat.

The layer of fat that's on interesting.

But it says B,but because of it, women havethe greater problem with hot temperatures.

So that'sinteresting because

I don't know that I agree with this.

Most women I know, we've alwaysgot a sweater or a jacket for backup.


I don't know, maybe it's just becausewe women are morelike we care abouthow we feel physically more than men.

Does that make sense?

Like, I'm like, I'm cold, I'm miserable.

I don't like this where men are like,

I'm cold.

Oh, well, what do you think about that?

I had a question in here.

Or is this just a generalization?

I have. No idea.

I have no idea. I'm just asking you.

I mean.

I think probably so I.

I think that might be true.

We're just we're bigger complainers.

I don't want bigger complainers.

You care about comfort and style more.

Yeah. Yes.

We care about comfortmore than men. Right.

And I've seen that even with our boys

I'm like, aren't you guys freezing?

That's fine now it's fine, it'sfine, it's fine.

And all the girls are like,so, so interesting.

So for me to combat the cold,

I need to put some weight on.

That's what I just heard.

To get an extra layer of fat.

I don't like that answer.

No, you don't like that outfit.

Okay, so. I. Love that attitude.

Okay. Next.

Who's better at reading body language?

Well, three men.

Now I would say 1,000,000% women.

Absolutely, absolutely.

We know how to read a room in general.

We're a lot of times men.

I feel like our a little more oblivious.

Would you agree? Yeah.

Yeah. In general, yeah.

I would say I don't read the body languagenearly as much.

Yeah. And the answer is women.

And the answer is women.

All right. Yeah. Next question honey.

Go for it.

Who are better at distinguishingbetween high pitched noises?

What would you say? High pitched.

So that'swhat's a funny question like and I it's I,

I'm just thinking about this question.

It's the first time

I've seen this question.

What does that matter?

I think I'm like, okay,so tell me why you think it matters.babies crying.

Becausethink about think about the biology of it.

When a baby cries, mother knows. Right.

It's probably timeto feed the baby, right?

And that means, hey, I've got to producemilk.

I've got to do something.

Your body's going to react to those higherpitched noises.

I think with men,the higher pitched noises are.

There's nothing I can do about it.

So I'm going to I'm going to block it out.

It's just going to go away.

So I think we're kind of wired that way.

That is super interesting.

So yes, the answer is womenthat are better machine.

That's interesting.

Super interesting.

All right go ahead read the next one.

All right.

Who are betterat identifying where sounds come from.

Now that is interesting.

So I think the answer goesback to the spatialthe spatial awareness.


So I think men do.

Is spatial awarenessthe same thing as likeknowing like a directional.

Yeah. It has to do. With that.

Understanding the relationshipbetween things in three dimensional space.

Okay. Because you know this about me.

You know, like when we go into a hotel.

Oh, you get lost.

If I am not the one paying attention.

Like, if I'm not by myselfor just with the kids, no problem,because I'm paying attention.

But if I'm with you,

I come out of our hotelroom, like, every single day,and you go, you always say to me,okay, Paige, which way should we go?

I'm like, right?

And you're like,nope, left. Like, I just don't.

It typically seems thatmen are better at directions than women.

I. I think I think this goes to thatspatial awareness.

Yeah. Okay.

So I think that height,that same thing comes with wheredo sounds come from. It.

There's something in our brains like that.


Understand 3D space better

I guess that's interesting.

So like if we are a cricket,men are going to be better at findingwherethat cricket noise is coming through.

We should try that out.

Now. No, let's not believe the survey.

Let's try it out. Well,this is how exciting this is.

How exciting we are.

We're going to playcricket noises in our house.

And she find them first.

Yep. We are exciting.

Hey, watch for that short.

We'll do a short on that. That'll be fun.

Oh my gosh. Okay. Next one.

Who have the lower pain threshold.

So whatwould you say without seeing the answer.

What would you say.

Well, knowing that women can pusha bowling ball out between their legs,

I would say women have a higher painthreshold than men in general.

Yeah, I would say yes.

I would say that in general. Yes.

Like I would saymen have a lower pain threshold.

That's what I would say.

Yeah. Lower.

Have a, have a but it's interestingbecause like yes I pushed out for childrenand I've had kidney stones, you know,

I've had diverticulitis,

I've had all these very extreme.

Painful. Things.

Painful things.

And I feel like I can handle those waybetter than I can.

The little things, like when I get alittle cut or a little bruise or I'm like.

Oh. I it's that's so true.

That is. So true.

When I'm like, hey, Darren, I'mpassing a kidney stone and you're like.

And it was like walking around.

I pass kidney stones to, let me tell you,

I was curled up in the fetal position.

That's you are saying,take me to the hospital now.

Oh yeah.

And I'm like, So it's interesting thatbut maybe that goes back to my skinbeing sensitive though.

So that is straight SA right.

If women's skin is more sensitive.

But but our.

Internal organs aren't.

Our internal organs are hardy.


I love the answer that they say here.

They say men have a lower pain threshold,exceptwhen focused on a physical taskor a sporting activity.

Oh, now that is interesting.

So if we focusand we know we have to get a task done,we push the pain aside and we canwe can get through it.

That is super interesting.

Are you still there?

You're still listening.

Oh good.

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Tips and tricks. There you go.

Who are better able to discernsalty or bitter taste? Ooh.

I, I wouldhave said, my answer would be women.

I would think so too.

I think women are more sensitiveto taste and smell, right?

Yes, I, I would totally say that.

However, the answer is men,which I don't know if I justbecause a lot of men that I know,they're like,

I mean like you will eat anythingand I know a lot of menthat are like that, like a lot of menthat I know are just like,they eat like at dinner. Right?

They order this, their wife ordersand then they say, what other mealwould you want?

And they ordered the second mealthat their wife would want, just in caseshe doesn't like her meal.


Becausethey're just like, will eat anything.

But this is I guess this is just sayingsalty or bitter.

This isn't just saying.

Yeah, I guess this is.

This is saltier, bitter.

So men.

And the next questionis, corollary to that, which is.

Who are better able to discernsweet taste?

Well, we all know the answer to that.

That one's women for sure.

That is women.

And then it says, hence chocoholics.


Well, that's interestingbecause bitter chocolate is bitter.

It can be, it can be.

It doesn't have to be.

More pure the chocolate, the more bitterit is. Right?

Right. Yes.

But we get it all, you know, sugar it up.

So sugar. It up. There you go. Okay.

Next one fits into the same category.

Who have a finer sense of smell.


Surely 1,000,000% women.

You can smell the stinky teenage boysin our house walking around the cornerbefore I even know they're around.


Or when they get in the carafter I used to pick them upwhen they were smaller from schooland they get in the car and I'm like,you smell like outside.

Like you smell like outside.

Yes, I definitely feel like women havea finer sense of smell.

I wish I didn't trust me, I wish I didn't.

Well, that's why you always say,hey, if you want to getif you want to get hugs and kissesfrom me, put Cologne on.

I do tell you that.

I tell you thatif you want my physical attention,please know.

Oh man, when a man walks by meand smells good, I'm like, oh.

Well wait wait wait.

When I walk by you and smell good,that is the correct answer to this.

Yes, yes, yes.

When you are buying.

Yes, that is what I said.

And then what I said.

That's what I said.

Yeah, I'm sure that's what you said.

Okay. Next one.

Now this might be controversial,but it is just a fact.

Who have more brain cells?

I refuse to answer that direction.

I was going to say, be careful to answer.

That question.

Because it might be held against.

You, might be held against mein a court of law someday.

So I, I honestly,without knowing the answer,

I would have said, men.

Why would you have said that?

I feel likethem.

A lot of men, more than women that I more brainythings like math and science.

And now, obviously, I mean, we havetwo daughters that are math teachers.

So I'm saying.

Honey, that is very typical.and are we talking about stereotypical?

Well, yeah, we are.

Yeah,we are talking about stereotypically.

We do have two daughtersthat are math teachers.

So there are obviously outliers.

But I'm just saying in general, for me,men, themen that I know are very much into veryalmost scientifically.

Does that make sense? Yeah it does.

This may also have to do withand that the answer is yesit is menapproximately 4 billion more than women.

That's a billionmore brain cells than women.

Yeah. That's so we get mad at us.

It is literally a fact.

Like we are not.

It's just a fact.

Well, this is interesting because that maythose brain cells don't meanthey're all being used obviously.

Right. Exactly. Yeah.

But I think that's whywe have such a larger,statistical variation in IQ in menthan in womenis you've got moreyou've got more there to do with.

So you can even be dumber or smarterwith those other 4 billion.

Yeah. That's true.

Just because you have more brain cellsdoesn't mean you're smarter.

You just have more brain cells, I guess.

More brain cells.

Well, hey, hey. And more of us to lose,when we smash our head into a wall or,you know, whatever.

When we're. There.

You go. Boys, and do things.

If you're still hanging in there with uson this episode, you've gotten this far.

Go to Burslem, New York, and send usa little message or send your candy.

A real candy. Yeah.

Okay. Our lemonade. Moment of the week.

What you got, baby?

So today is our daughter

Rachel's birthday,and she has three little kids. And,they were tryingto decide for her birthday dinner tonight.

Were they going to go out to dinneror were they going to get takeout?

She's like, obviously I'm not cooking.

It's my birthday.and so sometimes the kids are not great,right?

She has three little kids.

When they go out to dinner.

She got three kids under the age of eight.

I mean. Yes.

So it cannot be fun, right? They can't.

They're just normal kids.

So she went and asked the kids.

She said, kids,what do you think?

We're thinking of going out to dinnertomorrow night for mom's birthday.

What do you think?

And Emma, who is the eight year old,she's like, yes, yes, please.

I want to go out to dinner.

And Zoe, who was five, she said, Emma,you are not the problem.

When we go out to dinner.

Mitchell and I are the problem,so I don't think you should bemaking this decision becauseyou are not the problem.

Mitchell and I are the problem.

So I thought that was hilarious.

That is, you know, that she is awarethat she's the problemand, yeah, that she can articulatethat she's articulate.

I think that's hilarious.

That's that's awesome.

What a great lemonade.

So what you decide to do.

So they decided to get takeout.

Russell was going to bring home dinner.and they were going to eat at home.

So the lemon isthat they didn't go out to dinner,but the lemonade isthat they got to eat dinner at home.

She didn't have to cook dinner.

So and we got to tell a funny storyabout a five year old being selfish.

That's right, that's right.

But they're so cute.

So happy birthday, Rachel.

We love you. Happy birthday Rachel.

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You bet your baby.