#6.7 Generative AI in the Household

on Wed May 08 2024 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

with Darren W Pulsipher, Paige Pulsipher,

This week, Darren and Paige join forces for the first cross-over episode of Embracing Digital Transformation and Where's The Lemonade. They talk about GenAI in the household and how it can help manage a big, complex family.


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Embracing the Future with Generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is not a thing of the future but a present reality that has been seamlessly intertwining with our lives, often without us even noticing. From streamlining business operations to making household management a breeze, GenAI has the potential to make our lives easier and more productive. Paige Pulsipher, the CEO of Our Home, emphasized this during a recent discussion.

GenAI - A Personal Secretary?

Do you recall the countless hours you’ve spent searching the web for the best theater play in a city? With GenAI, you could get the answer in just a few seconds. It’s about more than providing information promptly; GenAI is interactive, making it more user-friendly. It understands complete sentences and specific descriptions and provides the information accordingly, without requiring you to tweak your language to fit an algorithm.

Trusted Companion or Potential Deceiver?

While GenAI makes life easier, Pulsipher highlights an important aspect - “trust, but verify.” You entrust tasks and queries to GenAI, but it’s equally crucial to verify the results it provides. A healthy dose of skepticism can prove beneficial in making the best use of this revolutionary technology.

The ‘CEO of Your Household’ Gets a Digital Upgrade

Running a large household or a successful business can be quite a task. Luckily, GenAI can assist with answers to specific queries, planning efficient schedules, and more. It could offer valuable insights and suggestions to help you manage your responsibilities more productively.

GenAI is arguably the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence. Capable of generating human-readable content and interacting seamlessly with users, GenAI is a game-changer in technology and productivity. As Pulsipher revealed through her experiences, a little trust and intentional interaction could significantly enhance our relationship with technology, simplifying our lives.

Here’s a call to action for all tech enthusiasts and those apprehensive about embracing technology. Why not give GenAI a try and experience the wholesome blend of ease, productivity, and innovation it brings? Additionally, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with GenAI in the comment section below, and let’s embrace this digital transformation together.

Lemonade Moment of the Week

Darren’s Betta fish “ED-T” gets a new home, and he continues to stream his ED-T fish cam to help promote his other podcast, “Embracing Digital This Week.” Check out the fish cam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs_UlYlGAs0

That’s it for this post, but stay tuned for more insights, information, and entertainment. Don’t forget to share this post and spread the word about the wonders of GenAI.

Podcast Transcript


Do you trust Google search more than youtrust?

Asking a generally the same question.

Probably just because Googlehas been around for so longand Google takes me to people'swebsites, so like if I look up a recipe,it'll take me to this lady's websiteand you get to see her.

Welcome to Embracing

Digital Transformation,where we investigate effective change,leveraging people, process and technology.

This is Darren Pulsipher, chiefsolution architect, authorand most importantly, your host.

On today's episode todayin the Household with special guest

Paige Pulsipher, CEOof Our Home.

Paige, welcome to the show.

Thanks, Darren.

It's really weird calling you Paigebecause you're my wife.

You don't call me Paigevery often, actually.

No, never.

So only when you're mad at me.

When I'm mad, I'm not mad right now.

This is going to be an interestingepisode today because we're going to talk.

And for those you don't know,we do a podcasttogether called Where's the Lemonade?

It's awesome. You should listen or watch.

And I do a podcast called

Embracing Digital Transformation.

Which is awesome.

You should listen or watch.

And this is the first timewe're simulcasting onboth podcast and video channels.

So this should be very interesting.

It's called a crossover.

I've watched enough superhero shows that

I know that it's a crossover episode.

So some ofwe're trying to figure outwhat in the world these twohi tech and homeand relationshipshave to do with each other.

I'm wondering the same.

But but this is my brainchild,so you have to bear with me a little bit.

The idea is and generative

AI is making such a huge impactin every industry that we're seeing.

And I think the number one industrythat will have the biggest impactwill be in managing householdor being your own CEO of your household,because it can unleash a bunchof new things, just likethe Internet Internet did in the nineties.

Whoever would have thought that they'duse the Internet for for shopping?

No. Yeah, that's true.

And now where do I do most of my shoppingon Amazon?


I don't know why you say that.

I mean, he's only here every other.

Day. Now.

I've cut back.

So let's talka little bit about generative.

When I, you know,

I jumped right on it right away.

You did? You did.

So what did you think when I first said,hey, this is this is a big deal.

What did you think? What did I think?

I thought, here'sanother high tech thing, right?

That I didn't trust it,


I was like, I'll waitand see after Darren takes a deepdive of it, what he thinks.

I trust you, but I just don't alwaystrust new things coming out.

So I just was like, sit back and watch.

Super Watch.

So who took to it? Biggest in our family.

What did you say?probably all of the kids that are at home.

Yeah, the kids. Are all the kids are home.

Probably Madeleine the most.

Wouldn't you say?

Kind of. Kind of.

Madeleine? Yes. If for practical things.

The boys, though, our two youngest boys,they're 17 and 18.


They use it every day to have fun.

Yes, I would say

Madeline and David are a tossup.

It took Sam a bit. To trust it at. All.

He didn't trust it.

And now he's kind of come aroundand it's you know, a new friend.

It's a new friend.

So David at first was using itto write books and to write because Davidlikes to the creative part of things,but he's not always the best writer.

It's typing and yeah, but he's got lotsof great ideas that he just can't get out.

GenAI I specifically chat aboutis what he used primarily, Yeah.

Really helped himget some of those ideas outout of his head by interacting with it.

So I thought he didsome interesting things with it first.

I think, yeah, you're right.

He and Samdefinitely did more silly things asking itsilly things about superheroesor fantasy things or, you know.

David probably asked itmore science type of things.

And yeah,

I've been being more silly with it.

They enjoyed it were. Madeline

You're right.

She used it as more for mewith my college work helped me,you know, help me get organized.

Yeah, she definitely used it.

So what about you?

What have you?

I mean, you saw the kids using it.

You saw me using it,and now do you trust itor you still kindof sitting on the sidelines?

Do I trust it?

That's a that's a hard question.

How aboutwhat's the word?

Something? Verify.what is it? Yes.

Trust, but verify. Yes. Trust but verify.

That's that's where I'm at with it.that's a goodthat's a healthy relationship.

Yeah, that's where I'm at with that trust.

And I do trust it a bit,but not all the way.

Do you trust Google?

Search more than you trust?

Asking General I the same question.

Probably just because Googlehas been around for so longand Google takes me to people's websites.

So like if I look up a recipe,it'll take me to this lady's websiteand you get to see her, right?

You see pictures of her and her familyand here's.

So does that make sensewhere there is no person that I'm seeing?

So so would it helpif I had a face on serious?

No, it wouldn't, because I still knowthat it's not a person.

It's not.

So I'm not you know,

I don't need that fake picture.

Okay, well,how do you know. That I knew you.

You're going to say that.

How do I know that that lady is?

How do you know the lady from recipesdot com or something is a real person.

I don't, but I just trust that.

You're going to trust. Her.

And her cutelittle kids are for real. Okay.

When you first started using the internet,did you feel the same way?

Yeah, I think I did.

Okay, so it's just because it's been timeand you've used it enough.

Now where I know what's goodand what's not, that sort of thing. Yes.


There are certain websites that I'm like,don't go to that website because they're.

Yeah, definitely. Those are bad.

You know,they're just pushing a certain product.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. For sure.

So what do you see the main differencebetween likeasking Google search somethingand asking a generic Jen eyes something.

What's the big difference for you?

Well, you know,

I actually asked you this and I said, why?

Why am I using chatinstead of using Google?


I asked you that because I was

I was honestly like, why wouldn't Iwhy can I just Googleall of this? And I liked what you said.

Tell them what you said.

I can't. Remember. You can't remember.

You said that chat is more likeit's like a friendor it's like you're having a conversation.

You can say,

Hey, give me this and it gives it to you.

And you go, interesting.

Now give that to me.

But this way you give that to me more.

This way you can interact with it.

Where with Google you go, you know, Hey,

I need this.

And it gives you thatand there's no way for you to really say,

But make it a little morethis or a little less this or Right.

Because Yeah, yeah,because Google just gives youa list of thingsthat I found that matched your query.

Yeah, I had a conversation with someone.

It's on my podcast, it's coming outthe next day.

It was on.

We had to learn how to ask search engineslike Googleor being or DuckDuckGo or whatever.

We had to learn change our languageto fit the way the search engine works.

So we use we don't use full sentences.

We only use short term dreams or keyterms.

Yeah, right.

Like if you're searching for a porkrecipe, you'll saypork, apples, onions,and that's it, right?

Where if I'm asking a charging beat,

I can say I'm looking for a recipethat includes apples, pork.

I want to make sure that it's sweet,a little bit spicy.

So you can. Yes. Interacts with. Yes.

And then it might spit one out.

And I go, you know that you know, that'sgot too many ingredients for methat telling me something.

I say, you lost me after ten ingredients.

You have totally lost me.

So do you.

I mean, so then I can say, hey,you know, hey or or you're right.

Like, hey, I'm gluten free,so make sure you give me another recipes.

You just it's more and it says, Why, sure.

Yeah, let me get that for you.

Have you ever been niceto Have you ever said pleaseand thank you to chat GPTor to a GenAI? I.

I don't think so.

You should try it. It's interesting.


Yes, absolutely.

I am.

With like, when I talk to Alexa,

I do say please and thank you to Alexa,but I have.

And I guess that is an AI, right?

Yeah, it's kind of it's not. It's.

It's neither GenAI. Rice. Right. So.so it's getting there?

No, I never have.

Never even thought you. Should try it.

It's fascinating.interesting.


Okay,let's talk about some of the use cases.


Some of the uses of jenn-airin managing the household.

Now, you've had a huge householdto manage over the years.

You've had yourown business, Etsy business.

You've gotten kids that we've raised together andwe're still raising our adult children.

They don't know that.

Don't tell them.

We're behind the scenes.

We're behind the scenesmanipulating their lives and man.

Fortunately they are amazing.

Our adultchildren are so capable and awesome.

But when you've got a huge householdlike we do,how can you use generative?

How what have you done so far?

What do you kind of thinkyou'd want to do?

Okay, so I brought my computer in hereso that I can actuallylook and see on chatbots, Right?

Because I know what you've done, what you.

I want to see what I've done. Right. Ooh.

I want to know,what was your first question you asked?

Chat you. Well, it looks like on here.

My first thing that I ever askedit was Ashlynn play recommendations.

You and I were planning a tripto Aspen, Oregon,and that's the very first thing I asked.

It was Aspen play recommend.

See, that's fascinating,because that is a Google query.

Yes, but see, with this,

I believe I asked you

I'm not going to look into right nowbecause it'll distract me.

But I did Google play recommendationsand then I think I said, and I need one.

And then I gave me a list, you know,these are the top plays.

And I said, I needthe ones that are playing on Thursdaybecause we were going to be thereon a Thursday 21 know, Right?

And then I said, Tell me the onesthat are family friendly And it soonce again,

I could keep tweaking it as it went along.speaking. All right.

So a good thing is that's a goodbest method, right?

That's a good tip. Is.

Keep interacting with. Yes.

With the GenAI I yeah, it will.

It will work with you.

Right. Right.

Okay cool.

So one of them,it sounds like trip planning.

That's a big use case.and then I think I said this is very me.

I was like the most comfortable theateron a Thursday night.

I don't want no wooden.

Bench, no wooden benches for.

You know, wooden bench.

Thank you very much.

So yeah, so yeah,that was the first thing I ever did.

And then my next thing was or I said,

Give me Oregon Coast itineraries.

And then I, it gave me things and I said,

Tell me more about this city that it justin, tell me more about this city.

And so you really you really interactedwith it to plan a trip.


Before that would have taken you hoursand hours.

Yeah. To do.

Yeah. It was great.

That was the first thing. I went, Wow.

Just because I it's so greatthat you can just keep tweaking it and go,you told me to go to Bandon.

What else? What's there to do?

And why did you recommend that?

Do you I mean, and I'm havinga conversation instead of with Google.

It's just tell me about the city search.

Go look at a Web site. Yeah.

So now tell memore about this, right? Yes.

And this would be like, hey, whywhy did you recommend Brandonand what's there to do there?

What's the top thing to do there?

And what good food is thereeither like, I can just keep goingwithout starting over the search.

All right, that's that's pretty cool.

So, yeah,so travel advice, that interaction incase what's the next thing you did?

I think this one's hilarious.

The next thing I did So in my church.

Our church. Our church, it's not.

It's not just mine.

I let you come to it. You're welcome.

In our church,

I work with the women in our church.

We have people that work with the womenin the young women and the children.

And right now I'm working with the women.

Anyway, we were doing a fun, silly night,and we just wanted to have a fun dinnerand a silly, fun night.

And so they asked me to write a skit,a silly skit,and I'm good at this type of thing.

But as you.

Know, she cannot look at a blank page.

I cannot start anythingwith a blank piece of paper, like,you've got to give me something.

So I just

I didn't know where to even start.

I knew I wanted music.

I knew I wanted to have some funmusical numbers in the skit.

So I put it in Relief Society.

That's what our organization is called,

Relief Society skit.

And musical skit. Musical skit.

And then it like, wentand gave me all this stuff.

And I mean, it was it was hilarioushow much it knew about our relief societyand about anything.

And then I just man.

Then I said, I want to skit,you know, about the Relief Societypresidency, which is, you know, us womenthat are kind of over the organization.

And I want it to include music.

I want it to have some silly referencesto musical numbers, and I want it to

I just kept tweaking.

It just kept tweaking.

Well, I. Remember

I was traveling at the time.

You said it gave me like 24 pages long.

And didyou use all of it to youjust say, going to take it all?

I did not use all of it.

I would say I probably usedmaybe 20, 25% of it.

But for me, it it gave me ideas

I still need.

I need some ideas to run with,and it gave me several ideas to run with.


So in this case,you're using it to spur creativity.

Yes. Brainstorm ideas.

And once I get going, you know thatonce for me, once I get going, I'm good.

But I got to get something because why.

Not just call one of your girlfriendsto do this?my gosh.

Do you know howno one wants to write a skit?

That is very hard for most?

Yeah, but just to brainstormideas off of why not just.

I didn't have any ideas to brainstorm.


There you go.

Okay,so this is like a super friend, right?

Yes, this was a super friend.

The kid that will be like, no page.

That's stupid, You know, Sodo you think this is a good ideaout there?

Like, No, I do not.

That is so it'sone of those brutal friendsthat will just tell you the truthno matter.

Will it, though, or does it apply to you?

It doesn't lie to me, but I have asked itlike, Do you think this is funny?

And it'll say, Yeah, that's funny,but maybe you could try this.

It'll go. Okay, so it's polite.

Yes, it's polite.

Maybe we need I'msure our son Matthew will come up with one

That's not so polite.

That would be cool.

That's cool.

So don't be an idiot.

Yeah, That says to people,don't be an idiot.

Just, you know, I don't thinkthey will ever program one of those in.

Well, someone will be kind of I'msure Elon Musk will do something like thatkind of fun. Kind of fun.

So that was so helpful to mebecause I didn't know where.

I just didn't know where to start.

So it was so helpful.

Okay, so travel planning, creativity.

Creativity. Brainstorming ideas. Yes.

What aboutone thing you hate more than anything?


What do I hate?

Coming up, what to eat for dinner?

I do hate that.

You hate that.

You want me to do itand I don't mind cooking.

I can whip anything up.

I don't mind the cooking.

No, it's coming up with the idea.

Yes, I mean,okay, I might mind the cooking,but I don't mind the cookingas much as coming up with the idea. Right.

So, yeah, I have put in here.

So we have found outrecently it's karma for me that.

She needs the big fun.

I have.

I've had a lot ofhealth issues with my gut.

I've had part of my corn removed.

We've had a lot ofwe have met our deductible every yearfor a lot of yearsbecause of my health issues.

That is. True.

And we recently found out that I amallergic to gluten, so I'm not celiac,but I'm allergic to gluten right offthe charts, allergic to gluten. So

I was very bummed because oneof my favorite thingsin the whole world is bread.

I love bread. I mean, Oprah,

We love bread.

So I started having it.

Tell me gluten,tell me the best gluten free recipes.

Now I can go to Google and do that, too.

Yes. Know, like I can go to Google.

But then it was so I would saygive me the best gluten free recipe.

And it would say, okay, Page, here'sthe top three that we found.

You know, I don't know what it sayson the Internet or on Google.

I'm not sure what the word it uses, Butand then I would say

I want one that doesn't use eggsor I want one that only takes 30 minutesor I want, you know what I mean?

And then it would go, sure.

And it would give me another oneor I want one.

So you're using canolaas a super search? Yes.

In that case, yep, definitely.

And then Has it also given you recipesbecause we've done this a couple of times.

I know where saysthis is all I have in the kitchen. Yes.

No, in the fridge. I did that.

Yes, that'sactually what I was going to mentionnext is I literally have saidlike I've got you know,

I've got chicken and some driedtomatoes and, you know, spinach.

Tell me specificand it'll spit out like five recipes.

And I'll say, give me more.

Give me one that also has chickenbroth in it, and it'll find and it's like,it's pretty cool.

Give me one Mexican. Yes. Yes.

Or Italian. Or Greek or.

Whatever. It is awesome.

It is awesome. Yeah.

All right. So recipes.

All right.

This isthis is making a lot of sense. Yep.

What other things surprised youthe most about using generative

AI in your day to day?

You know, keeping the household running.

Then we'll talk about your small business,but just keeping the household.

What other things did you findthat were useful that you thought howthat that could be interesting?

I don't know.

I guess what?

It's just awesome that I feel like

I can go to it no matter what.

Like, I'm looking at it.

I've gone stain removal during the.yeah. Stain removal. Right.

Like, hey, I just like I said,

I can do that on Google,but this I can go

Hey, give me stain negative for my couch.


And then I'll say, do thisand I'll say, But my couch is grays.

I okay.

If I use this like I can just,it's just a conversationthat I can keep having with it.

So I, when I was,

I was up early this morning,

I was trying to find some picturesfor this podcast.

Yeah. And something clicked in my head.

All of that knowledgethat you used to get on,on doing things in the housecame from your mom or your grandmother.

Yeah, they would pass it down. Recipes.


Best way to get certainstains out of clothing, right?

You know, techniques for allsorts of things, paying bills on time orkeeping on a budget or, you know, managingthe household that was passed downfrom mother to daughter or grandmotherto daughter or granddaughter or whatever.

And it just clicked in my headthat, GenAI, I can now resurfacesome of that great motherly,what do they call them,mother wisdom or what's the term?

I don't know. Yeah. Something like that.

I like it.

I just thought that was interestingthat have we replacedthat teaching of our kids?

Those traditions sound with an AI.

And as in, is that okay?

I don't know.

Does it keep the stains out of my clothes?

Yeah. No.


Another thing that I used it forand people might be surprised about this,but I was kind of in a little conundrumabout what to do.

So we have a friend who has very differentpolitical, religious,social beliefs than we do, and

I have no problem with that at all either.

Do you like we. no. No. No.

We do not care what beliefs you have,you know,

It's just a matter of do we dowe have fun with you?

Right? We get along sowe spent an eveningwith this friend and they just kept.


Harping on their beliefs, I believe.

No, when.

I don't. I don't.

I don't know. I don't.

I don't think they dobecause we don't talk about if I, we.

Don't talk politics. At all.

We not with people that I know don't havethe same, you know, beliefs that we have.

I don't want to have that contentious


Like, we just won't talk about that.

That's fine.

So but it just

I just came home feeling wow.

So I looked up on Josh GPThow to gently say to our friend, like.

What you're saying is highly offensive.

Yes. Like you're not afraid to offend meright now. Why?

What you're saying

I don't want to offend youjust because that's not my personality.

And so, yeah, itgave me a bunch of different conversations

I could have with this friend.

So I think this is interestingbecause our daughter,

Julianne,has used Chachi to break up with the guyyou're doingit to resolve your relationship thing.

So it sounds to me like these eyesare are kind of replacingare not replacingmaybe augmenting what you wouldnormally share with another friend,but it wouldn't be gossip now.

Right? Right.


Because you're actually seeking a way toresolve this conflict with this. Yes.

Because I truly want to be friendswith this person.

And I don't want to just,you know, have a contentious relationship.

So I was like, help me navigatethis conversation to say, hey,these are your beliefs.

I have no problem with your beliefs,but they're not mine.

So can we just,you know, agree that when we're together,we're not going to talktalk about these things.

And I love youand I want to be with you, but not.

Not on these terms. Yeah.

So this is really fascinating to mebecause this whole conceptof having a GenAI,

I help you with relationshipsis interestingbecause the GenAI,

I can see different points of view.

Right. It is bias though.

Yeah, we already know thatit's biased towards being ultra polite.


And that has caused me some problemssometimesbecause I use another GenAI I grammarlyto for much of my writingthat I do for my dissertationand things like that.

So I set the,

I set the settingsfor very formalacademic settingsand I was using Grammarlyto correct an email that I was sendingto one of one of my kid's teachers.my gosh, this was so funny.

It was super formal and you laughed.

He says. You can't see in that,you know, it looks like.

You typed in some stuffwhich I thought was fine.

Like just be it just to a T.

I wanted to clean it up so it was.

Sent to you.

So it was, you know, it was super formal.

And so I said, No, you can't send that,that sounds so uppity or whatever.

So then you said. So. And he did it.

So then you told it tolike in a couple of paragraphs,you know, make this less formal,but it didn't do all the paragraphs,so you sent it and I'm reading over it.

And there was one paragraph that it didn'tdidn't make less formaland it was like, and furthermore,

I shall be out of town.

But it was even more like, okay.

But before we did that, we said, Hey,make it, make it informal. Yes.

And he said, yo to what's going on.

Right, right. Yeah. I'm like, okay.

So then you saida little bit more formal than that,but it left one of the paragraphssuper formal.

It was so funnybecause I was like, And furthermore,

I shall be out of the countryon these days.

And I'm like,okay, Anyway, I just thought, Well,he knows that you used Chad.


So what I think is interesting,it goes back to that point of trust.

Yeah, we can't fully trustwhat's coming out of GenAI.

I but it mostdefinitely is a great interaction tool.

It's an interesting toolto get some advice from.


That maybe is too sensitive is sharewith one of your best friendsbecause it may come across asa little gossipy or snootyor I don't know.

Yeah, I found that the GenAI aren'ttypically judgmental of you.


For things,but they most definitely are biasedmore towards a polite side of things.

I see. Yeah. Yeah.

So yeah,we've used it for our small business.yeah. Let's talk a little bit about that.

I used it.

So we've got a t shirt businessthat we started and for the descriptionwe had, we typed in, you know,what we wanted for the descriptionand then we were like, I wonder what Chetcould help us with this description.

And that was great.

It does a lot better job, maybe.

It does a lot better job.

And we fine tuned it to say hey,to get people's eyes or to get searchengine optimized.

Right, right.

So what keywords should we useand things like that.

So we write a small descriptionand then we have.

Chad Yeah.

And we even said like it's,you know, we're targeting this,you know, age group or whatever.

And it justit helped us out. It was great.

Yeah, it was awesome.

So before we'd sit there at a blank pageand just stare at it for a while.

Yeah, yeah. I've also used it forhelping medirect a conversation with our teensabout maybe to limit their screen time.

I even asked it how to get your teento want to spend more time with you.

For our teenage boys that are listening,you know who we're talking about?

Yeah, they do it.

And I said, you know, didn't Chelseasay go on your podcastand mention their names and.

Maybe, yes. Yeah.

That will definitelybring them back to you.

Yes. Humiliate them on, you know, severseveral different platforms and they willdefinitely want to spend time with you.

So let's talk about when they were babiesand change their diapers.

That will definitely bring uscloser together.

But no, actually,

I mean, you might be thinkingyou could look at a self-help book.

I am an actually kind of a

I wouldn't say antiself-help, but I certainly don'twant to read a whole book about it.

No, your attention span isn't that long.

It's true. It's true.

It is true.

And I guess I just don't like peopletelling me what to do.

I don't know.

But I mean, obviously,if I'm reading a self-help book, it'sbecause I wanted some help.


But you want toyou want something for the moment.

For the moment and brief and like,

I don't know.

I don't know. I have a hard time.

I have this you know,

I have this theory that good somesometimes things are just good enough.

I don't believe in this this perfectionthing like we are who we are.

And yes, we do need to strive to do betterin certain situations.

Right? Obviously.

But I just know that I'm not going totake all of their advice.

I'm like, blah, blah, blah.

But this was good because I was like,

Hey, give me some practical adviceon how to talk to my teensabout limiting screen time.

And it went. In this specific situation.

Yes. Yep.

And it gave me five thingsand I was like, Great.

I didn't have to read a whole book.

Do you ever wishyou knew where the information came from?

Well, it'scoming from the Internet, right?

Yeah,but how do you know that the informationthat was behind it was any goodor you're just trusting it? It.

It doesn't mention that I'm asking for.

It doesn't matter where it came from.

I'm asking it for recipes.

I'm asking it for stain removal.

I'm asking it for you.

I mean, I'm not asking it for anything.

I got nothing.

Nothing. Government or top secret.

Do you really mean I am?

I am asking it for thingsit doesn't matter where it came from.

Does that make sense?

I am kinda sorta.

I mean, when it talking about raising kidsand what I should do in this situation,don't you care where that information?

No, because I am a verysmart, verylogical person and I'm going to read thatand go, okay, I don't know.

I don't agree. With don't agree with that.

But hey, that one I do.


So that goes back to trustand that goes back toyou still are the CEO of the house.

You use.

You're using this as a tool to help youand give you ideas.

But ultimately it's your decision.

And so it's yeah, I like that.

I love thatyou call me the CEO of the house.

Are you are you my employee?

No, I'm I'm all the employees.

I'm the employee of everyonein this house.

I love it. I love it.

You will never get firedno matter what you do.

Good.do you hear that?

No matter what I do, I can't get fired.

That's awesome.

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