#3.10 Kindness in Marriage

on Wed Apr 14 2021 10:49:30 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)

with Darren W Pulsipher, Paige Pulsipher,

Darren & Paige look at how kindness or lack thereof can shape a marriage relationship. It does not mean that they don't have disagreements, but they show how kindness can still be a part of everything.



Why Kindness is important in a Marriage
  • Keeps you together
    • The biggest predictor of satisfaction and stability in a Marriage
    • Kindness makes each partner feel understood, cared for, and validated.
    • Couples that treat each other with kindness even when they argue stick together.
    • You can throw spears at your partner or explain why you are upset.
    • Paige comes home to a new carpet in the house and boxes of stuff to unpack
  • Builds Trust
    • Kindness is the #1 trait that people look for in a partner.
    • Being kind can help your partner feel secure.
    • Watching your partner show kindness to people make you feel like you can trust.
    • You can trust that your partner will not hit below the belt when you are arguing. 
  • Help get your needs met
    • When you are kind you take time to address your partner's needs.
    • Your relationship is deepened when you put your partner first 
    • That encourages your partner to be mindful of your needs.
    • Kindness breeds openness in communication and compassion.
The Seven Day Kindness Challenge
  • Most magical solution for the author was just speaking kindly to each other. Better than any other books or articles.
  • Started on date night. 
  • Bring it back to basics. Listening, admiring and respecting each other.
  • Be spontaneous. Do something outside of the ordinary - Watch the sunrise
  • Afirm, Afirm , Afirm - Thank you for taking me to see the watch the sunrise
  • Men need sex to feel loved. Women need to feel loved to have sex. (Anonymous wise man)
  • Make a concerted and conscious effort to make each other feel good.
Lemonade Moment of the Week
Sam broke his clavicle skiing. Several of his friends called dropped things off and cared about him. It is good to be recognized.
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